Account Backups

Where to Download Your Account Backup

If the HelioHost team made a backup of your hosting account data, you can retrieve it by visiting and following the instructions on the page to download the file.

Inside the downloaded backup file, there will be a large file named backup_user-data_##########.tzst which contains all your files.

The file will be in a format called Z-standard and will need to be extracted.

How to Extract Your Account Data from the Backup File

Download and Install 7-Zip with Zstandard Support

Download and install the version of 7-Zip which supports Zstandard here:

Access Your Files

  • Navigate to the main backup file named pleskbackup-YourAccountUsername.tar

  • Extract the .tar file with the version of 7-Zip you just installed

  • The files will be extracted to a folder named pleskbackup-YourAccountUsername

  • Open the folder and navigate to the domains folder

  • Open the next folder, named or

  • Navigate to the file named backup_user-data_##########.tzst

  • Open the file to access your data

Screenshot Example

Making Your Own Manual Account Backup

Follow the navigation steps below to make a backup of your hosting account inside Plesk:

Login > Plesk > Websites & Domains > [ domain ] > Backup & Restore


Scheduling Automated Account Backups

Follow the navigation steps below to set up or modify your scheduled account backup settings inside Plesk:

Login > Plesk > Websites & Domains > [ domain ] > Backup & Restore > Schedule

After clicking the Schedule button, adjust the settings as needed.

Further Support

If after following the above steps, you are unable to download or extract your backup data or make your own account backup, please post a topic in the Customer Support forum and make sure you provide details of the problem, including what steps you have tried, and any error messages encountered.


The original discussion which prompted the creation of this tutorial for extracting Plesk backup files can be found here.

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