What is HelioHost?

HelioHost is the service offered by HelioNet and is the industry-leading free web host. HelioHost is also operated and supported by HelioNet's Moderators. HelioHost is affiliated with Free-Webhosts.com, which is also affiliated with dozens of other free hosts in competition with HelioHost, and individually rates each individual host. We are pleased to confirm that Free-Webhosts.com has rated our hosting service as the best free host ever worldwide! This impressive rating of 100% is mostly thanks to the services HelioHost offers, see What Does HelioHost Offer?

Support Administrators

Support Moderators

  • Ice IT Support
  • Tjoene
  • Shinryuu
  • yashrs
  • Luigi123
  • flazepe

Why Choose HelioHost?

The biggest difference between HelioHost and other free web hosts is that HelioHost exists to provide free web hosting. This may seem like an obvious reason for a free web host to exist, but most free web hosting groups do not exist to provide free hosting. Instead, they exist to cause the customer to buy their "premium" plan, and therefore make money.
This is where HelioHost differs. HelioHost is run solely by the community (we define "the community" as select members of HelioNet, but the work is purely voluntary), with the sole purpose of creating the best web hosting possible for the most people. Now, in order to do this, we must implement some measures that prevent a few users from ruining the hosting experiences of many others, and therefore cannot satisfy everyone. However, with our collective knowledge, we have been able to create an industry-leading, self-sustaining web host that is able to host thousands of sites, all for free.


HelioNet is the support area of HelioHost. All support is operated by open support forums, which runs IP.Board 3.4.4 and established a few years back, and is mainly handled by the Support Admins, Moderator and Contributors, not forgetting the community users who kindly assist users requesting support. If questions cannot be answered by the community then the staff 'escalate' (send) support requests to the Root Administrator (djbob) who deals with it at the root end. The Wiki was introduced to allow users to help themselves and avoid using the forums by receiving answers to the most commonly asked questions. The Twitter feed (@HelioHost) was also introduced to keep users up to date with the latest service updates on HelioHost and HelioNet.


HelioHost owns three servers which are collocated at the Hurricane Electric datacenter (located in California) named Eddie, Stevie, Charlie, and Sparkie. On these three physical servers we have created multiple virtual machines. The plans that users can create accounts on are called Tommy, Ricky, and Johnny. We also have a server named Cody that runs our main website, the forums, and this wiki.