Moving Your Account

Whether you are on Johnny and want to move to Tommy or vice versa, follow these directions to switch servers.

If you would like to preserve your existing account, donors can request that their account be moved directly without deletion. To do this, please donate.

After donating, please make a post in the Customer Service forum with your Transaction ID and the Username of the account to be moved.

To move to another server without donating, refer to the following instructions:

  1. Make a backup of all your files, databases, etc. ready for restoring (as your current account will be deleted).

  2. Wait for for your account to be deleted (usually a few hours).

  3. Sign up to HelioHost again. Make sure you choose the server you require.

  4. Wait (up to 2 hours) for your new account to become active.

  5. Restore your backups. (Visit our tutorial page for guidance on How to Extract Your Account Data from the Backup File.)

ASP.NET requires an account on Lily. Please post in the Customer Service forum to request that we set the account up for you.

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