How You Can Help

HelioHost provides community-powered free hosting for everyone. There are several ways you can help support us.

Make a Donation

The best way to help us keep providing free hosting is by donating at You can donate via PayPal or the cryptocurrencies listed on the page.

Corporate Donation Matching

A lot of employers will make a donation match to approved 501(c)(3) charities, which is what HelioHost is. So, if you donate $100 your job might match your donation and send another $100 to us. You can ask at work to see if your company has a donation matching program like this.

You can donate to Helio Networks via Charityvest and it will be fee free, since HelioHost is registered with the PayPal Giving Fund, which is the method Charityvest uses to enable electronic payments to charities.

In some countries, you can donate on the HelioHost Facebook page.

HelioHost is a Verified Creator in the Brave Creators program. This means that if you use the Brave web browser, you can now donate to us by clicking the triangle shape while viewing or or Plesk, and then clicking Send Contribution. If you have auto-contribute enabled, you can donate to us simply by using our website and forum as you normally would.

If you're not familiar with the Brave browser, check out Brave is based on Chromium just like Chrome and Edge, but has a built in ad-blocker and annoyance blocker that is better than most extensions you can install on any of the other browsers. You can even get paid to visit websites if you enable the option in the settings and set up a crypto wallet.

Turn Brave Ad-Blocker Off

Using Brave's ad-blocker is a great way to support us with donations instead of viewing ads. However, as a non-profit fully funded by advertising revenue and donations, we appreciate you viewing our ads to help us stay in business. To double your donations from Brave, you can disable the Brave shields on our pages to view our ads, while also auto-contributing.

Allow Ads on Our Sites

If you don't view our ads, we don't earn any ad revenue from your visits to our site. It's free to allow our ads, and we promise they're not too annoying. Make sure to add,,,, and to your ad-blocker 'Allow List'. Who knows? You might even see an ad for something amazing that you want to check out.

HelioHost has an affiliate agreement with Namecheap, so if you're in the market for a new domain we highly recommend purchasing it from them. Once you set the nameservers to and, we can host the website on your brand new domain for you. Click the banner below to use our affiliate link to shop for your new domain:

After checking if your preferred domain name is available, there will sometimes be a Promo Code you can use at checkout, to get a very low price for the first year.

Spread the Word

Spread the word about our community-powered free hosting service with some graphics to put on your websites.

Put our Banner on your Site

You can find some user-contributed HelioHost banner graphics to use in this HelioNet forum thread.

Put our Badge on your Site

Find a user-contributed configurable HelioHost badge to add to your site in this HelioNet forum thread.

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To give HelioHost an upvote as an alternative to our competitors, use the links in this HelioNet forum thread

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Let your followers know you're hosting your website with us by using @HelioHost in your tweet. You can use this link.

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HelioHost is community powered. We are active on the platforms below, and welcoming to new users. Please ensure you follow our simple rules.

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