Using SSL


Our server's support of Server Name Indication (SNI) means SSL certificates can be installed without the need for a dedicated IP address.

Getting an SSL certificate

Our server includes AutoSSL, a feature provided by cPanel allowing the automatic generation of SSL certificates. Therefore, you do not need to do any particular action in order to get a free SSL certificate, which will get automatically installed. However, the process usually takes some time, depending on the current rates of certificate creation. Our AutoSSL-generated certificates are directly from cPanel, Inc (Sectigo).
Since Johnny does not support AutoSSL, you can follow this tutorial to get SSL working.

Dedicated IP

We no longer require a dedicated IP address for SSL on any of our servers. However, some browsers or operating systems that do not support SNI will show errors. The most common browser/OS that doesn't support SNI is Internet Explorer on Windows XP. A dedicated IP means that your website is separate from all the other HelioHost sites. This offers a few advantages such as not being blocked from sending email if our server gets flagged for spam.
Our provider charges us $20/year for a dedicated IP. We simply pass that cost onto you. You can also buy a dedicated IP for $2 per month.
If you wish to purchase a dedicated IP for $20, please send your payment to [email protected] via PayPal. Once the transaction is complete create a new topic in the Customer Service forum on HelioNet with your PayPal transaction ID and account information (username, main domain, and server), and we will add the dedicated IP to your account.