What HelioHost is Not

HelioHost is a free web host; it is not your one-stop gateway to running a website. This article will explain exactly what HelioHost is NOT.

HelioHost is NOT a Domain Registrar

A domain name registrar is a service used to purchase top level domains (TLDs) - i.e. a .com, .org, .net, or similar website name. HelioHost DOES NOT offer domain registration. When you sign up with HelioHost, you can use a free .heliohost.org subdomain (your domain would be yourwebsite.heliohost.org where "yourwebsite" is replaced with whatever you choose), use a domain purchased from another registrar (such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions), or a free domain (which you can register at nic.EU.org)*. HelioHost does not offer, support, or maintain any domain names.

As a sign of thanks for HelioHost's most active members, HelioHost will purchase a domain for you with our own funds if you meet the requirements outlined here.

HelioHost is Not a Website Designer

HelioHost offers free website hosting. HelioHost does NOT create, design, or maintain your website for you, it only gives it a place to be hosted. Through Plesk, you can use their auto-installer to install popular software (such as blogging and forum platforms) to your website, but you are responsible for ALL maintenance, design, etc.


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