Code Style

We welcome contributions to our community powered Wiki. Please see our code style guidelines below, created to help maintain consistency across user guidance documentation.

Single File Changes

Please keep contributions small and focused, ideally changing only 1 file per pull request.

Larger pull requests that change several files increase the risk of merge conflicts if multiple people are working on the same page at the same time.

Additionally, contributions with many files changed take longer to review. An entire contribution can be delayed if changes are requested on a single file.

Please ensure the title of your pull request provides a clear outline of the changes made to the file.

Writing Language

American English is used for consistency, and the writing tone is friendly and professional.

Please proofread for spelling, grammar, and capitalization before submitting a contribution for review.

User-focused Guidance

Users may access the Wiki from desktop, mobile, or other devices. Where possible, providing guidance on a single page for a specific support topic is preferred, ensuring users do not have to click through to different pages unnecessarily.

Users will have varying levels of technical knowledge, so the guidance provided should be accessible to a wide audience.

Users may prefer to translate the Wiki content into a language they are more comfortable with, so slang or jargon should be avoided.

Wiki content is intended to be shared between users helping each other in line with our community powered support model. This means that tutorials for a specific Plesk feature or coding language should ideally be detailed on one page. This will create a single weblink with support or guidance that can easily be shared with users asking for help.

Please use https and no leading www when linking to or

Older links that have the www will still work with an extra redirect, but this format should no longer be used.


Generally, guidance would be targeted to 'users', which covers our free users and donor users.

For VPS-specific information, the term 'customers' can be used however this is not a firm requirement.

Cron Job(s)

The agreed convention is to include a space between both words. Plesk calls them Scheduled Tasks, but users may be less familiar with this term.

Screenshot Policy

Screenshots are a great addition where appropriate. When using screenshots taken from within your own account, please erase any personal data you do not want published.

The existing convention for Plesk is to take screenshots in Light Mode and to use a red rectangle outline border to highlight important sections.

Please ensure your screenshots reflect the Dynamic List view since other Plesk views are being deprecated.

Brand Names

Please follow brand preferences for name capitalization: WordPress, GitHub, etc. If in doubt, refer to the brand website for guidance.

Further Guidance

This guidance document is dynamic and will be updated as needed to ensure that everyone feels confident about adding contributions to our Wiki.

Thank You

We are community powered, which means everyone is welcome to contribute. Thank you for helping us keep improving!

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