Signing up

Before signup

Why should I choose Tommy?

Tommy is our flagship production server. This server offers everything that HelioHost has plus a great uptime.
If you only need PHP, MySQL, and good uptime, it might be easier to get an account on Ricky.
If you need Node.js, JSP, or Ruby on Rails, and a good uptime, Tommy is the server for you.

Why should I choose Ricky?

Because Ricky does not offer dangerous services, he is a stable server. If you do not require dangerous services, then we recommend Ricky.

Why should I choose Johnny?

Johnny is our experimental server which gives users the ability to use dangerous services such as JSP, whereas Ricky cannot. However, Johnny is not as stable as Ricky or Tommy due to these high load services. If you need these services but don't care too much about uptime, choose Johnny.

During signup

I get a message saying that the signup limit has been exceeded?

To prevent the server getting overloaded from masses of new accounts, we put a limit on the number of people who can signup which resets daily. The system resets at 00:00 UTC. To find out when to signup, go to

Why should I signup to HelioNet as well?

HelioNet is a Discussion board where users like yourself can request support, the friendly staff and the community will attempt to answer your questions as best as they can. So if you get stuck, you can post on the HelioNet forum. By signing up to HelioNet and providing your username in the signup form, the administrators can easily identify you.
If you haven't registered yet, do it at

Why can't I use a Hotmail email address?

Unfortunately, Hotmail have blocked HelioNet's emails which means that it is impossible for us to send emails to people who are on Hotmail or Live. Hotmail simply discards the email - they don't even put it in the Spam or Junk folder. This isn't our fault, sorry for any inconvenience.

After signup

I've signed up - what now?

As there are lots of accounts ready to be created, your account will be entered into a queue of accounts. You will need to wait approximately 48 hours for your account to be created. You will not be able to login to your cPanel until your account is "active", and you will not be able to access your site 24 hours until your cPanel is active. To be given an approximation of the completion time, go to

I have chosen to use a domain other than

You will need to add the following nameservers to your domain via your domain registrars website:
To check that your nameservers have been properly configured, go to

I have received an email saying that my account failed to be created?

Please create a new topic in our customer service forum.