Why Was My Account Suspended?

Usually, people's accounts are suspended for violating our Terms of Service. Some reasons for suspension include having more than one account, account inactivity, and most commonly high server usage.

This article is for all those who fail to understand why it is important for us to keep resource usage in check.

The goal of HelioHost, as outlined in What is HelioHost?, is to provide the best service for the most people. However, it is impossible to fully satisfy this goal, due to resource limitations and server limits. Therefore, we must try our best to create the best experience for most, not all people.

We define those accounts that fall into the "most" category as accounts who use no more than twenty percent of CPU, and do not cause the downtime of other hosted sites. However, there will inevitably be a few sites that do not meet these requirements, and we must therefore suspend them.

We must suspend these accounts because they are causing other people's hosting experience to be downgraded. When you abuse our servers, you are abusing every other site we host, causing thousands of sites to be downed. No matter how important you may think you are, we exist to provide the best hosting experience for the most people, and you are preventing us from accomplishing that goal.

We hope that this explanation has given you useful information on why some accounts must be suspended, and hope that you understand why we choose to act the way we do.

For more information, refer to our Suspension Policy.

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