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Included in the HelioPanel File Manager is are two built-in editors, which allow you to edit your files easily and quickly without the need of reuploading to the server. To provide you with the best editing experience possible, we use CKEditor for the WYSIWYG Editor, and ACE Editor for editing code. If you have any questions related to the editing experience (not saving or anything outside of the editor textarea), then please refer to the official websites.

The WYSIWYG Editor should only be used with .HTML or .HTM files. If you attempt to edit other files with the WYSIWYG Editor, you may be left with unexpected results and loss of code. When you save, the Last Updated time (at the top) will change to inform you that the changes have been saved.

The Code Editor (which uses Ace) is great for editing any file you wish, and supports highlighting for many common file types. Ace also has the Last Updated time at the top.

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