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cPanel is the vital control panel which you will manage your websites with. cPanel offers most of the services that you would require to make a great website, including a built in File Manager, Email, MySQL and more. But how do you access your personal cPanel?

Access through Port 2082

The usual method of accessing your cPanel would be using Port 2082. To do this, simply navigate to and use the 'cPanel Login' feature at the bottom of the page. By logging in via that method, you know that you are logging in to a cPanel which is working 100%, as some other methods do not record your login attempts and therefore suspend you for inactivity. Another way to do this is type www.yoursite.yourdomain/cpanel and enter you login details, it will show the same results as logging in from

Access through Port 80

Are you under the cover of a firewall which blocks Port 2082? No problem - simply access through the standard port: Port 80. To do this, simply navigate to replacing with your domain name. After providing a correct username and password, you should be able to access cPanel. However, DO NOT use this method if you are not using a firewall, as this method may not record your login attempts and you will suspended for inactivity (if you do not login through port 2082 for 30 days). So only use Port 80 when you need to.


If you cannot login to cPanel, then it is likely that your account was suspended for inactivity. Use the renew script ( to reactivate your account.

If you have just created your account, then you may need to wait a little longer. Check your account status at:

If that fails, you may have been suspended, or a strange problem may have happened. Please create a new topic at:

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